The Ashkenazi Jewish screening program

What is the MUHC’s Jewish Genetic Condition screening program?

Who are the Members of the Ashkenazi Jewish Population?

The adjective Ashkenazi is from the Hebrew word "Ashkenaz," which refers to Germany. The present Ashkenazi Jewish population refers to individuals whose ancestors were from Eastern Europe.

This interactive program is designed for the members of the Ashkenazi Jewish community with at least one grandparent of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry. This service provides users with the opportunity to learn privately and at one’s own pace, relevant information about the conditions more commonly found in the Ashkenazi Jewish population for which the MUHC offers screening. This service will help an individual to decide if genetic testing is appropriate and if he wishes to continue with testing.

This site features three sections. 

Screening Program

You are a member of the Ashkenazi Jewish community and you wish to learn more about the screening program.



You are a member of the Ashkenazi Jewish community who received the result of your genetic test and wish to learn more about its meaning.


For Healthcare Professionals

For a healthcare professional wishing to learn more about the screening program and the procedure for patient referral.


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