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Monday September 16, 2013

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) has created a unique online Patient Education Guide that aims to support cancer patients and their families as they integrate complex clinical information, treatment options and care management strategies. Using a highly visual, multimedia-based design, the guide, which is also available to the general public, incorporates easily understandable information in a self-paced, self-directed format, and is meant to complement the existing healthcare professional and patient dialogue. 

The team that developed the MUHC Patient Education Guide began with a module on Breast Cancer but, with great support from the Cedars Cancer Institute at the MUHC, intends to create additional modules that cover all of the cancers treated at the MUHC. “These modules will support current patient education initiatives as well as permit a greater depth of understanding on the part of patients and their families,” says Dr. David Fleiszer, MUHC surgeon and Director of the MUHC Education Portfolio. 
The module contains a series of chapters, and reviews information about cancer, treatment options, care management, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and follow-up. The use of an image-rich approach with minimal text helps patients overcome barriers to learning such as literacy, health-literacy, language and culture. Click here to visit the Patient Education Guide: Breast Cancer 

“With the success of the Breast Cancer module, Cedars is proud to partner with Dr. David Fleiszer and the MUHC Education Portfolio team to support the development of additional Patient Education Guides to cover all cancers” stated Jeff Shamie, Cedars Director General “We are equally proud that Cedars-supported initiatives such as the MUHC Education Portfolio continue to make a vital and positive impact in the lives of cancer patients and their families.” 

The Cedars Cancer Institute invites companies and individuals to support the development of further Patient Education Guides.

Click here to make a donation to Dr. Fleiszer's Education Fund

Source: The Cedars Cancer Institute

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