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Nauseous - Search for term

Nauseous - Feeling sick to your stomach.

Nerves - Search for term

Nerves - A cable-like bundle of specialised cells that transmit messages between different parts of your body and your brain.

Nutritionist - Search for term

Nutritionist - This healthcare professional specializes in helping people regain and maintain good health through a healthy diet.

Numbness - Search for term

Numbness - A loss of physical feeling in a part of your body. It is a potential side effect of breast surgery.

Non-Invasive breast cancer - Search for term

Non-Invasive breast cancer - Breast cancer is non-invasive when the cancer cells only grow inside the milk ducts or lobes of your breast and do not enter the surrounding tissue.

Night Sweats - Search for term

Night Sweats - When a large amount of perspiration occurs during the night. This is a potential side effect of hormone therapy treatment.

Nerve Endings - Search for term

Nerve Endings - A closed, cable-like bundle of specialised cells that picks up messages such as heat, cold and pain, from your skin to transmit to your brain.