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Fallopian Tubes - Search for term

Fallopian Tubes - The thin, soft tubes which connect each ovary to the uterus. Each month, when a matured egg is released from the ovary, it travels down the fallopian tube to reach the uterus.

Fatigue - Search for term

Fatigue - Feeling tired.

Full Liquids - Search for term

Full Liquids - Fluids you cannot see through. (e.g. orange juice, crème vegetable soup and milk). After surgery, it can take 24 hours before your stomach and intestines are active again and you are able to eat normally. Until then, it is advised to move back to your normal diet slowly. Once you are able to drink and digest clear liquids, you can begin taking full fluids.

Fertility - Search for term

Fertility - A person's ability to create new life. In women, this is the ability to become pregnant.

Fetus - Search for term

Fetus - A future baby. The fetus develops in the uterus during pregnancy.

Female Reproductive System - Search for term

Female Reproductive System - Is the part of a woman’s body that is involved in creating new life. It is made up of the ovaries and eggs as well as the uterus.