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Diagnosis - Search for term

Diagnosis - This refers to the process your doctor uses to identify a disease or health problem.

Diarrhea - Search for term

Diarrhea - A condition in which your stool is very loose or in liquid form.

Darkened Skin - Search for term

Darkened Skin - This is a potential side effect of radiotherapy. It is similar to a tan. It may stay, even after treatment has ended.

Ductal Breast Cancer - Search for term

Ductal Breast Cancer - A common type of breast cancer that starts growing in the milk ducts of the breast.

Drain Bulb - Search for term

Drain Bulb - The main piece of a Jackson Pratt drain. It is hollow, rubber container that collects extra fluid which must be removed from your body after surgery. It is connected to a tube which is inserted by your surgeon into your incision.

Dizzy - Search for term

Dizzy - Refers to a sense of unsteadiness; light-headedness; or a feeling of movement within your head. Dizziness changes your sense of balance and can increase your risk of falling.

Day Surgery - Search for term

Day Surgery - A type of surgery where you return home on the same day you have your surgery.