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Radiation Oncology Nurse - Search for term

Radiation Oncology Nurse - A nurse that specializes in the use of radiotherapy to treat cancer and other illnesses. This nurse will coordinate your care during radiotherapy treatment. He or she will give you information about treatment and side effects. He or she will also help you deal with any worries you might have about your treatments.

Radiation Oncologist - Search for term

Radiation Oncologist - This doctor is an expert in the use of radiotherapy to treat cancer and other illnesses.

Radiation Oncology Technologist - Search for term

Radiation Oncology Technologist - Works at the Radiation Oncology Clinic and is directly responsible for giving you your radiotherapy treatments.

Radioactive - Search for term

Radioactive - Something that is radioactive contains a flow of very tiny particles and waves (such as heat rays, light rays and X-rays do). At low doses, it is sometimes used in tests (e.g. a chest x-ray) and procedures (e.g. during sentinel node removal) and is not harmful.

Radiotherapy - Search for term

Radiotherapy - Also called radiation therapy. This is the use of special x-rays, which are a type of radiation, to treat cancer. It works by acting on your cells. When radiation enters your body, cancer cells die right away and lose their ability to make more cancer cells. The goal of radiotherapy is to get enough radiation into the right spot of the body to reach the cancer cells but damage healthy cells as little as possible.

Red Blood Cells - Search for term

Red Blood Cells - These blood cells carry oxygen throughout your body.

Receptors - Search for term

Receptors - These are special places on a cell where hormones can attach and send messages to the cell. Using receptors, hormones control how cells in our body grow.

Recurrence - Search for term

Recurrence - When cancer comes back after treatment.

Radiation Oncologist Resident - Search for term

Radiation Oncologist Resident - This doctor is in training to become a radiation oncologist.

Radiation Oncology Clinic - Search for term

Radiation Oncology Clinic - This is the clinic where you will receive your radiotherapy treatments.