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Incision - Search for term

Incision - A cut made by your surgeon during surgery.

Invasive Cancer - Search for term

Invasive Cancer - Breast cancer becomes invasive when cancer cells grow outside of the milk duct. If left alone, they eventually travel to other places in your body.

In Situ - Search for term

In Situ - An "in situ" cancer is one that is confined to its site of origin and has not invaded neighbouring tissue or gone elsewhere in the body.

Intravenous Drip - Search for term

Intravenous Drip - (Also called intravenous therapy, intravenous solution, or IV) The word intravenous means "within a vein." Some medications and fluids are given directly into your vein. This can be an injection in your arm. This can also be done, using a bag of solution connected to a tube that is carefully inserted into part of your vein.

Incision Site - Search for term

Incision Site - This is the place on your body where the surgeon had made a cut.