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Hormones - Search for term

Hormones - These are substances that are secreted by certain organs in our body. They work to control the way our body functions.

Hormone Therapy - Search for term

Hormone Therapy - This is a cancer treatment that removes certain hormones or blocks their action. By doing this, it can slow down or stop cancer cells from growing. There are 2 types of hormone therapy treatment. The first type works by blocking the receptor sites on breast cancer cells. When these sites are blocked, your hormones are no longer able to reach them and the breast cancer cells shrink and die. The second type of hormone therapy lowers the amount of estrogen that is produced by your ovaries. With less estrogen circulating in your body, it is less able to help the cancer cells grow.

Hormone (Agonist) Treatment - Search for term

Hormone (Agonist) Treatment - This is a way to preserve fertility during cancer treatment. The injection works by stopping the production of hormones released by the pituitary gland in your brain. This stops the maturing of eggs. Eggs that are not growing may absorb less chemotherapy than growing eggs.

Hot Flashes - Search for term

Hot Flashes - A sudden, strong feeling of warmth that can start in the chest area and moves to the neck and face. Sweating, anxiety, and a pounding heartbeat may also occur. This can occur during menopause. It is also a potential side effect of hormone therapy treatment.