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Egg Banking - Search for term

Egg Banking - This is a way to preserve fertility during cancer treatment. During egg banking, eggs are collected from the ovaries before the start of your cancer treatment and frozen for later use. Sometimes, the eggs are fertilized by your partner’s sperm. These embryos are then frozen.

Eggs - Search for term

Eggs - Starting with puberty, eggs mature in women’s ovaries. When eggs are fertilized by sperm, they become an embryo, which grows into a fetus and eventually, a newborn baby.

Emergency Department - Search for term

Emergency Department - A department at your local hospital that handles medical problems that are urgent and cannot wait for a doctor’s appointment.

External Beam Radiotherapy - Search for term

External Beam Radiotherapy - This is the most common type of radiotherapy. In it, a machine is used to direct radiation x-rays at the cancer from outside your body.

Electrolytes - Search for term

Electrolytes - Are electrically charged minerals that are found in your cells and blood. They help move nutrients into and wastes out of the body's cells. They help to maintain a healthy water balance in your body. Your electrolytes can be measured with a routine blood test.

Embryos - Search for term

Embryos - These are human eggs that have been fertilized by sperm.

Endometrium - Search for term

Endometrium - The layer of tissue that lines the uterus and builds every month for a potential fertilized egg. If there is no fertilized egg, this lining sheds as your period.

Estrogen - Search for term

Estrogen - This is a type of hormone in your body. It is made and released by the ovaries and controls (along with other hormones) the female reproductive system. Sometimes, estrogen can help cancer cells grow.