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Blood Vessels (Veins) - Search for term

Blood Vessels (Veins) - A network of tubes which carries blood to different parts of your body.

Breast cancer - Search for term

Breast Cancer - When cell growth in your breast becomes uncontrolled.

Baseline tests - Search for term

Baseline tests - These tests, usually done before surgery or other treatments, record information about your body and the cancer. Any future tests will be compared to these first tests to detect any changes that may have taken place.

Bone Scan - Search for term

Bone Scan - An imaging test that helps diagnose and track several types of bone disease. It is an important tool for detecting cancer that has spread (metastasized) to the bone. During a bone scan, you will receive an injection of a radioactive liquid into your vein. The radioactivity is not strong enough to cause you any harm. The liquid travels through your blood to the bones. As it wears away, it gives off radiation. This radiation is detected by a camera that slowly scans your body. The camera takes pictures of how much of the liquid has collected in your bones.

Blood Tests - Search for term

Blood Tests - Tests that involve drawing samples of your blood and testing it in a laboratory. To do this, a needle may be placed in a vein in your arm, or you may receive a finger-prick. Blood tests are used to give your treatment team more information about your body, the cancer and/or how well your treatments are working.

Breast Reconstruction - Search for term

Breast Reconstruction - A surgery which re-builds the breast. It can be done after you have had surgery to treat breast cancer to restore the shape of your breast.

Brachytherapy - Search for term

Brachytherapy - A type of radiotherapy. In it, a radioactive source is placed inside your body, very close to where the cancer is.